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About Oren

Over a 30-year career, Oren Sherman has been designing exclusive artwork for a variety of clients including Steuben Glass, PepsiCo, Disney, the Olympics, Visa, Hermes, Mobil Oil, the U.S. Postal Service, the U.S. Mint and many more. An alumnus and professor specializing in concept, storytelling, and entrepreneurship at the renowned Rhode Island School Of Design, Oren has partnered with corporations across the country developing original artwork as the essence of brand identity. His work is sophisticated, contemporary and utterly unique, standing at the cutting edge where art meets commerce. Oren’s versatility and visual intelligence inform his distinctive approach. His art powers brand, creating a multi-level subliminal experience that resonates as an unspoken message everywhere the environment touches the customer.


An alumni and Professor at Rhode Island School of Design, Oren specializes in entrepreneurship, strategic narrative, pattern, color theory and design for industry. He has innovated a number of courses over his 20 year career at RISD including an art and business curriculum, a sponsored studio with ESPN, co-electives with Graphic Design and Industrial Design and Playwriting / Set Design, a RISD / Brown University class co-taught with Paula Vogel, Pulitzer prize winning playwright.

“Teaching at RISD has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. Bringing my professional experience into the classroom, and the energy of my students into my professional has been a great synergy.”

“Completely original, exquisitely colored and boldly scaled, his designs show an understanding of contemporary Hospitality Design problems in public spaces. Oren’s solutions are at once simple and complex and the magic combination of innovation based on classicism that produces a lasting frisson of magic, tension and delight.”

Roger Thomas
Executive Vice President of Design
Wynn Design and Development

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Oren is represented by Design Commerce Agency, experts in exclusive art licensing for the home and hospitality markets.

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