My Chandelier print, one of my most popular images has a back story. We were in Rome as the guest critic for The RISD Rome program and stopped into this beautiful restaurant for lunch in The Campo De Fiore As soon as the doors slid closed behind us and we were seated, I had a sinking feeling that lunch was going to cost $300. Looking up for some sign on how to get out of there, we were sitting under this baroque chandelier and I snapped a photo on my phone. It was the sort of “fancy” thing I never really liked but something struck me that day, that it look new again.

That chandelier was going to pay for my lunch.


I was inspired for the colors by the amazing Alex Wek, deep brown and violet, what could be more elegant? It went on to pay for my lunch and become one of my most popular prints, now in many colors,

Alex Wek in violet, thank you!



We were in NYC on Orchard St. and fell into a hat store, it was all of 6′ X 4′ and crammed with what must have been a thousand hats. The proprietor has had the store for 47 years, and put his son through Harvard Medical School. I guessed his name (Aristotle) and he rewarded me with his philosophy on life; “you don’t get to talk to God, he calls you.” I left with a great hat, and a new best friend.


As of last fall, I am the new designer for Durkan/Mohawk Carpet hospitality division. My work is being made into six collections a year, all of which can be custom colored in small orders. It’s really exciting to see floor scape as a new opportunity for art. When we say “head to toe look” we’re not kidding. Leopard does go with everything!


I am often asked where I get my ideas, here is a walk through of a recent obsession. On a visit to the Rjiks Museum in Amsterdam I picked up this brochure and fell hopelessly in love with a fragment of baroque wall paper. I edited it into a module, developed the artwork from there and I just couldn’t stop. My colors are a little more Bollywood then the austere Dutch palette. If you look closely you’ll see the original fragment. I love when I can take something familiar, a piece of shared design history and reinvent it.