The NY Times says it’s all about prints!

From The New York Times: The Future of Prints Is-Bright
Industry experts, retailers and designers see no end to fashion’s love affair with print.

If you are following my blog posts on pattern, forgive me if I “repeat” myself but it’s all about big, bold, saturated color prints. This is a favorite from my upcoming Durkan collection. The title came from my fabulous creative director, Barb Marcy, when seeing it for the first time she said she was just “tickled pink.”




Spring colors

The sun is out, it feels like the winter that won’t happen, but just in case I am feeling very frisky today. I finished my fourth collection for Durkan, “Mad For Plaid.” Above, I built plaid from my favorite shirt and overlaid it with a floral pattern from my last collection. I’m having an insane amount of fun doing this.

Here are some of the newest thoughts, pinks and corals seem to be asserting themselves. I ran into an artist friend, Polly Burnell and she had this great coral coat on and it made my day. Check out her work, she’s fabulous. Second semester RISD classes begin this week, I expect the usual sea of gray and black with a maybe a touch of mustard, the RISD spring wardrobe.


San Francisco

San Francisco, it’s been 30 years. I may look slightly older but the city is as beautiful as I remember. Coit tower on an early morning walk, a cliche I know but just sometimes you just have to give into it.  I was there on business, signing a licensing contract with the wonderful team: Art Libera / Dede Shipman

We stayed in Fairfax at the home of Art and his partner Roger Thomas in their much photographed house. Roger is the alchemist responsible for the design at The Wynn. See his work at

They were wonderful hosts. The house is so beautiful, and I managed to not break a thing!

St Helena.

A few days at Calastoga Solage We’re the only people who can go to a spa and gain weight. We also visited The Hendry Vineyards, a small family owned vineyard. A wine tasting at 10:00 am is not recomended but the wine was amazing. A great trip, back to real life…

Mad for plaid

Ok, I admit it. I’m obsessed with plaid.

I thought I could handle it, I could give it up anytime but it only got worse. Now it’s all I can see. At parties, on the street. Plaids of different colors, scales and design eras.

I’m doing a new collection for Mohawk / Durkan and these are a few of my favorites. The problem is stopping, is there a support group?