Amsterdam 2, eating and shopping.

The Rijks has the great Haston Mondrian dress on display. It got me thinking about the famous Dutch restraint.

We found this great store, Joe Marino, they do  just  one thing, the perfect V neck sweater in Merino wool. One design, four sizes, 30 colors. Go get one or if your like us, get four.

Then I found the perfect shoes….


Dinner at Buffet in Amsterdam. The chalkboard outside said “The chef rules” One three course meal, no decisions. If you don’t like it, you don’t deserve to eat there. ( we loved it.) They were lovely and the food was amazing.

Home, greeted by my own work at Logan Airport, it’s the first thing an international traveler sees upon disembarking. Always fun to see an old friend.




Just got back from a fast trip to Amsterdam, one of my favorite cities. On my first visit I remember getting off the plane, seeing the light and saying; “Rembrant, I get it.” That cold, steel Payne’s graylight he captured so perfectly. Thank you to my RISD foundation painting teachers.’s_grey

My favorite Vermeer, they let you photograph in the Rijks Museum, how great is that?  Seeing a Vermeer (and there aren’t many) in person is an unforgettable experience. They simply stop time.

I was perusing Rembrant and of course was taken by the wallpaper, yes I’m that shallow. This was the first motif that started my fascination with pattern, I had forgotten it was here I had the epiphany. Please forgive me Rembrant, for daring to look away.

It began my baroque series, inspiration comes from the most unforeseen places.