Blokwerk by Brintons

Announcing the collection, Blokwerk by Brintons. The first collection designed exclusively for corridor. An entirely new hospitality collection influenced by classic mid-century modern architecture. A year in the making, design plus engineering.

A few favorites below. All the patterns are available in custom colors on the Brintons DSO site. Please download the brochure in the below link to view the entire collection.






In an icy blue and gray combination,blokwerk-brochure-final-web-24





The very cool engineering in this collection is a full bleed design solution for corridor. Eaxh pattern can be cropped, pieced and assembled at any juncture…. with no waste.









Swoosh below has a 60′ long repeat, here shown in a show stopping color combination raspberry red, maroon and deep magenta.blokwerk-brochure-final-web-33



In teal greens and grays.blokwerk-brochure-final-web-31







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