The big make over

Thanks to the wonderful Mike Kelly, Padraic designs my new website is finally up and live. Check out my new wall paper license, redesigned store and all of the slide shows, it’s a wordpress site, I-pads and smart phones, no problem.

Mike has infinite patience and attention to detail. His designs have followed my continual reinvention and grown with me. Please click on the site to see how Mike worked to present a new improved me; clarified, edited, trimmed, plucked and ready to face the world. I have to share him:

tel: 203.329.8974
fax: 203.413.5587



Todays subject is design inspiration, subtext being eyebrows. Chanel 2012 on left, the  American actress Louise Brooks on the right, circa 1929. Same look, same sulty stare, sexier in the original. A great  look, (as in design) comes back but changed, updated. Picasso said lesser artists borrow, great artists steal. I’ll let that one go unchallenged but do see Pandora’s Box sometime , the sexiest film ever made, 1929 German silent directed by Pabst and let me know what you think.