Blokwerk design Influences


In my RISD lectures, I frequently use Mondrian as an example of a painter who moved from realism to abstraction. His less known early work moved from realism through cubism to the geometric abstractions he is most recognized for. He edited down but all his observations came from nature. Take a look at his early landscape paintings.


Now watch as they begin to abstract….. Mondrian applies a system of organization to observation.


Observation and intellect come into play, a fascinating internal exchange.61324172306110

mondrianThe fulcrum, where he steps over the edge of the cliff into pure abstraction.


Suddenly this all makes perfect sense, abstraction is the process of editing.Piet_Mondriaan,_1942_-_Broadway_Boogie_Woogie


The Eames house, the influences as applied to architecture. This wonderful house, was conceived in 1945

And finally, Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian dress. Frivolous? The Rijks Museum in Amsterdam didn’t think so, it’s in their permanent collection:)


Seeing, thinking, editing. Design / engineering. Blokwerk by Brintons.

Blokwerk design influences


As an artist, architecture has always been a major influence, my career path was not to be an architect, but my work often seems to comment on architecture. I was very inspired by the trips to Amsterdam and Berlin. My next move was conceiving Blokwerk which became my my first Brintons collection. Design,engineering, color. Order, geometry, emotion.

“Design is intelligence made visible.”-Le Corbusier

For me it began it began with De Stijl


Theo Van Doesburg.Theo_van_Doesburg2

Rietveld interiors. I wish I had the discipline to live like this.rsh mei 2011 002







Amsterdam 2, eating and shopping.

The Rijks has the great Haston Mondrian dress on display. It got me thinking about the famous Dutch restraint.

We found this great store, Joe Marino, they do  just  one thing, the perfect V neck sweater in Merino wool. One design, four sizes, 30 colors. Go get one or if your like us, get four.

Then I found the perfect shoes….


Dinner at Buffet in Amsterdam. The chalkboard outside said “The chef rules” One three course meal, no decisions. If you don’t like it, you don’t deserve to eat there. ( we loved it.) They were lovely and the food was amazing.

Home, greeted by my own work at Logan Airport, it’s the first thing an international traveler sees upon disembarking. Always fun to see an old friend.