Come together

Swoosh, inspired by the beautiful brushwork of Franz Klein.


India ink and white paper and a wide brush. 12 copy

Because I can’t resist color, I added a gradient, coral to aubergine.



The first iteration was for my bedding line Standard Textiles. SK Hospitality has an amazing technology that bonds art by dye sublimation into their patented textile.

The finished product debuted at BDNY 2016 NYC


The centerpiece of the collection SK Textiles. See the interview at

Blokwerk design influences


As an artist, architecture has always been a major influence, my career path was not to be an architect, but my work often seems to comment on architecture. I was very inspired by the trips to Amsterdam and Berlin. My next move was conceiving Blokwerk which became my my first Brintons collection. Design,engineering, color. Order, geometry, emotion.

“Design is intelligence made visible.”-Le Corbusier

For me it began it began with De Stijl


Theo Van Doesburg.Theo_van_Doesburg2

Rietveld interiors. I wish I had the discipline to live like this.rsh mei 2011 002







Brintons Blokwerk

I am very happy to announce my new collection for Brintons: Blokwerk. This is the first of a series of posts to talk about how a collection is born. I have loved Di Stijl for a lifetime, movements that sweep from Architecture, to furniture, to graphic design and painting. They have as much to do with sociology, innovative production techniques, politics and original thought, as much as they have to do with art.


“The secret of art is to improve on nature, the secret of design is to improve on industry.”


love organizational systems. Take a look at these paintings by Theo Van Doesburg, a designer I am obsessed by. Beautifully organized, a hybrid of art and graphic design. Oddly not as well known as he is influential.  For me he was big influence as a starting point.

1014202_v1 th




Mad for plaid

Ok, I admit it. I’m obsessed with plaid.

I thought I could handle it, I could give it up anytime but it only got worse. Now it’s all I can see. At parties, on the street. Plaids of different colors, scales and design eras.

I’m doing a new collection for Mohawk / Durkan and these are a few of my favorites. The problem is stopping, is there a support group?