I am really loving LA.

I was just in LA debuting my collection for the new Korseal Digital Studio and I saw this show at The Getty. As an east coast designer it’s sometimes hard to make a statement without a nod to the past. Aren’t the hipsters really a victorian revival, a modern version of a romanticized past?

What was fascinating to me is LA really has no past, their past is a yearning for tomorrow “the city of the future.” A utopian vision that has lured generations of people to CA in the post war years and designers and architects had to make that new life, a place to live and a person to be. It was refreshing and invigorating to be in a city that is making a new future. The design firms were filled with young people, the restaurants were great, the people are amazingly good looking (it is LA after all.) DOMA and Prop 8 were repealed while I was there and the whole town was in a state of celebration, as was I.

The show included Pierre Konig drawings and plans, one of my favorite post war architects. A great week.